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We offer an easy-to-use and budget-friendly investor database that connects startup founders with 6,434 investors seeking projects to fund. The VC Database streamlines the venture capital funding process, making it easier for you to secure funding for your startup.

Investor List on Computer Screen
Investor List on Computer Screen

Accurate & Verified VC Investor List

With a vast network of 6,434 contacts, VC Database provides accurate and current information on angel investors, advisors, pre-seed accelerators, incubators, VC funds, PE funds, and investment services tailored to meet the needs of your startup.

Containing investor emails, LinkedIn profiles, and more valuable information, VC Database stands as the most extensive investor database on the market. It saves founders countless hours of research, for simple and efficient pitching.

Once you've located your desired investors, effortlessly compile your list and export all their details via CSV, placing our entire investor database at your fingertips with unlimited lifetime access.

Utilizing Real-Time B2B Data, we've crafted one of the most thorough and precise investor databases available, boasting 6,434 emails to elevate your next capital raise and propel your business forward.

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