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This turned our funding dreams into a reality. With legit active emails, our reply rate was immediate. We not only set up several calls but also entered negotiations with our ideal investor. It's a no brainer at this price.

Brian Moten

man standing near balcony
man standing near balcony

I've tried other 'find VCs' platforms, but this investor list truly stood out for it's value. We actually lined up a few calls with a few different firms within a few days. For only $100, it opened to doors for us that can lead to a 100X return on investment.

woman wearing black crew-neck shirt
woman wearing black crew-neck shirt

Clarice Turner


Startup Investor List: Affordable Email Directory for Seed Startups to Find Active Angel Investors

VC Database is a comprehensive database that provides entrepreneurs and startups with access to a wide range of venture capital investors. This email database includes detailed profiles of various venture capital firms, including information on their investment preferences, past investments, and contact details. Whether you are looking for seed funding, series A financing, equity, or growth capital, these contacts can help you identify and connect with the right investors for your business.

➕ Affordable Investor List
➕ 6,343 Verified Contacts
➕ Pay Once, Use Forever
➕ 90% Off = $.01 Per Email

The Ultimate Resource for Founders Seeking Funding

Save Time: With VC Database, you'll save valuable time and resources bypassing the investor research process. Instead of spending hours scouring the internet for potential leads, use it as your outreach accelerator to quickly and easily filter our curated spreadsheet of venture capital firms that are actively seeking investment opportunities.

Save Money: We off the most budget-friendly investor email list that connects startup founders with funding. We make securing venture capital easy, helping founders fund their startup. Until Tuesday, unlock our comprehensive database for 90% OFF! That's only $00.01 per verified contact.

Feel Confident: We verify our data in 6 extensive steps every 60 days. This guarantees a freshly updated CSV with the latest information, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date profiles.

From New York to Boston. From London to Berlin. Any Stage, Any Industry, Any Market.

Regardless of the stage, industry, or market, entrepreneurs aiming to establish a thriving business can find the best funding opportunity using our investor list directory. Whether you are based in bustling cities like New York, London, Boston, or Berlin, we offer data great for finding a significant number of investors with a track record of successful projects.

With no minimum company size, from indie founders with 10K ARR to VCs with enterprise investors who have experience across Europe, our database helps people get funded by investors. It's important to send pitches to angels who see a mutual view of what to focus on first for the future of your company. Think of it as one common goal to create together.

Are You Ready to Find Angel Investors for Your Startup in 2024?

Whether you are a tech startup looking to raise capital or a budding entrepreneur seeking funding for your next big idea, the Startup Investor List: VC Database is an invaluable tool to help you navigate the world of venture capital investing. After our team spend 12 months of curation, you'll take your fundraising efforts to the next level and secure the funding you need to bring your vision to life.

Q: What is an Investor List for Startups?

A: We offer a large, curated CSV that consists of active angel investors who are willing to invest in early-stage startups at a lower cost compared to traditional investment avenues.

Q: How can I view the spreadsheet?

A: You can view the spreadsheet by signing up for our platform. You'll receive an instant download link after purchase.

Q: What types of private investors are included?

A: It includes active angel investors who are specifically interested in supporting startups with limited resources, accelerators, incubators, and much more.

Q: Are there any free options available to search emails?

A: No, we do not offer a free trial period. You can only access an unlimited version of the app to explore the opportunities available by paying $97.

Q: Can startups at any funding round benefit from this?

A: Yes, startups at any funding round, whether it's pre-seed, seed, or even later rounds, can benefit from our funding list to find potential investors.

Q: How can I conduct email outreach to the VCs?

A: You can conduct email outreach by using the contact information provided in the product and crafting personalized emails to pitch and introduce your startup.

Q: Is it possible to find investors who have a consistent track record of supporting startups like mine?

A: Yes, we include investors who have a consistent track record of supporting early-stage startups and are willing to invest in new ventures.