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a computer screen showing a number of different vc investor email contacts
a computer screen showing a number of different vc investor email contacts
an arrow pointing towards an investor list
an arrow pointing towards an investor list
startup co-founders with five stars on a black backgroundstartup co-founders with five stars on a black background

The most affordable investor database that actually helps founders find the right investor.

a group of venture capital investor logos that include the words techstars, and yc
a group of venture capital investor logos that include the words techstars, and yc
6,400+ Email VC Database
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Verified Investor Emails

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If any of these sound familiar, then our VC Database is perfect for you to find investors & private equity firms who invest in early stage startups like your saas.

We offer a straightforward and budget-friendly investor database that connects startup founders with 6,434 investors looking for projects to fund.

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VC Database Connects Investors with Founders Looking to Scale Through Funding

By offering a diverse list of investors interested in supporting projects at the early stages of development, our investor database accelerates the process of contacting backers.

Entrepreneurs can efficiently navigate the VC Database using category organization to identify the perfect angel investors who align with their vision and industry, saving time, money, and effort in their seed fundraising endeavors.

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startup VC firm logos
startup VC firm logos
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shallow focus photo of female startup founder in gray jacket

How Founders Get Funded

My Contacts Felt Vetted

"I've tried all of the "get funded" apps on the market, but with this VC database, finding active investors was key. We quickly scheduled calls with 4 different backers who wanted to hear our vision & we're completing a deal with one as I type this."

- Sarah

a vc investor in a suit and tie posing for a picture
a vc investor in a suit and tie posing for a picture

Targeted & Easy

"This VC database made securing funding a lot more realistic for us. With thousands of verified emails, our outreach was targeted and effective. We not only secured several calls but also forged connections and opportunities for the app."

- Max

startup co-founders smiling with stars
startup co-founders smiling with stars

Are you a startup founder seeking financial backing?

With 6,343 verified investors, focusing on pre-seed and seed rounds, our angel investor list accelerates your fundraising efforts, fast.

Email diverse investors, organized by category who align with your vision and sector. For only $0.01 per email, unlock the VC Database and connect with investors looking for startups to fund.

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Q: What is the main focus of your Investors Database?

A: The Comprehensive Investor Database focuses on providing contact details of startup VC & angel investors for entrepreneurs seeking funding.

Q: How can I benefit from using the VC Database?

A: By using the Investors Database, you can quickly find contact information for a wide range of investors including family offices, hedge funds, venture funds, and many others.

Q: Are there specific phases or sectors catered to in the VC database?

A: Yes, the database covers industries such as information technology, e-commerce, data analytics, insurtech, supply chain, and many more.

Q: Can I search for investors based on specific criteria such as investment amount or industry focus?

A: Yes, you can categorize investors based on factors like the amount they typically invest (e.g., from 100k to 1m) and the industries they specialize in.

Q: How does using the Comprehensive Investor Database save time for entrepreneurs?

A: The database saves you hundreds of hours by curating a list of potential investors, eliminating the need to spend time googling for contact information.

Q: Is the database regularly updated with new investor information?

A: Yes, the database is continuously updated to ensure accurate and up-to-date contact details of investors, including those who have invested in areas like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and more.

Q: Can I expect positive outcomes by reaching out to investors listed in the database?

A: While outcomes may vary, entrepreneurs who have used the Comprehensive Investor Database report positive experiences and some have secured funding as a result of contacting investors listed in the database.

Q: Is it possible to access investors' email addresses through the database?

A: Yes, the database provides email addresses and other contact details to facilitate direct communication with potential investors.

Scale Your Startup With Funding

We’ve compiled a database of angel investors with verified email and contact information to help startups filter through the hundreds of hours it would take to find the right investors and contact them individually. You don't have to hedge bets. Our investor database is an extensive email database featuring investment focuses across various sectors such as fintech, biotechnology, transportation, enterprise software, and financial services. Whether your company’s niche lies in logistics, machine learning, or any other area, we have the ideal investors with past investments in similar fields. With options ranging from $100K to $1M, there are various funding options available to match your investment interests and contact the best fit investment funds.